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Fungi-Nail anti-fungal solution has been successfully treating finger and toe fungus for over 25 years. Its proven effectiveness continues to make Fungi-Nail the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand for treating finger and toe fungus. Fungi-Nail has become the leader in the specialty anti-fungal market by providing unique, innovative offerings to help consumers treat and prevent finger and toe fungus.

Fungi-Nail recently introduced its newest product in the fight against fungus, Fungi-Nail Toe & Foot™ Ointment. The new Toe & Foot ointment is a unique combination of 20% Zinc Undecylenate and 5% Undecylenic Acid that eliminates both toe fungus and athlete’s foot. The new ointment also comes with a unique, dual-angled brush applicator that makes treatment easier and mess-free. Fungi-Nail’s inventive Toe & Foot and pen brush applicators provide targeted treatment that help consumers apply just the right amount of product, right where it is needed.

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